Hen Night Fun

Last week end my sister in law had a hen night to attend with a few of her friends,they were meeting up with 6 other friends including the Bride to be at her house ,my Brother in Law was going to take her and her 7 mates in a mini bus however her became sick so mid Saturday morning they called me to ask if I would take them ,my wife said that would not be a problem and my sis in law said I could stay in the spare room at the Brides house as they were all staying overnight.I set off with the girls about 5 o clock it was an hour and a half away and by thre time we got there the girls had already started on the vodka ,we dropped the mini bus and bags at the relevent gues house and Brides house and they all walked off to meet the rest of the party,"come on shouted my sis in law " you can come too so I joined the girls on their night out.
By midnight they were all wreked,by now they were playing games and dares it was not long before I was dragged into these games one of which was for the bride to fondle another guys willy,I was the selected target and in the middle of the Pub she grabbed my crouch the girls were cheering her on and sugested she put her hand down my jeans ,I was drunk to so agreed and she pushed her hand down and cupped my balls and **** ,well I imediatly became erect which was making the Bride blush alittle but the girls were cheering like mad get out of it shouted her maid of honor and soon she pushed her hand down to ,this was amazing and soon they all wanted a quick grope including my sis in law she looked me straight in the eye and slid her hand down this really was exciting and she rubbed me up and down,hmmm she smiled you are a big boy I thanked her she removed her hand and we all went back to the Brides house .
They were out of control by now singing and shouting then someone sugested a male ******** being the only male obviously i was there target They were all shouting off off off and show us your ****,yes come on get it out shouted the Bride I want to see a shaven **** I had not even thought about the fact i was completly smooth down there I did not think they had noticed,as we were all having a laugh I agreed and before long I was naked surrounded by a dozen women,once again they wanted to touch and once again I was rock hard,I could not count how many hands were on me all I knew I was loving it,what guy would.nt.
My sis in law shouted It would be a shame to wasted this **** **** the bride they all shouted **** **** **** and pushed the Bride to be at me I have to admit she was a Pretty girl and very fit and thought lucky guy wedding her,she put her arms around me and we began to kiss then she said I cant do this I laughed and said I can I puled her toward me and kissed her again this time put my hand between her legs soon pushing her skirt up and inserted my finger inside her ,she responeded by grabbing my **** she was like a girl possesed within seconds her panties were off and she pushed my head between her legs I licked and probed her glorious **** and could take no more and inserted my **** the reat of the girls were cheering like mad and crowded around us we were like animals it was fast and furious and then she shouted let the girls see you *** she pushed me off and furiously grabbed my **** as I spurted my *** the girls were shouting and squealing and the bride was laughing.
It was another hour before they all left,i did not stay in the spare room and I made love to the bride to be later that night and once more in the morning,I hope she as a long and happy marriage but me thinks she might have a few affairs along the way. :-)
Gibbo1 Gibbo1
41-45, M
Aug 9, 2010