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My Cousin Came Close.

i've been dressing since I was 5 so it was no surprise to family or friends to see me dressed. When I was 14 my Aunt  Jane and cousin joey came to visit for an overnight stay.. I have 2 sisters so my cousin who is 15 slept in my room in the other bed. We wnt to bed around 10 pm I was a wearing a babydoll with an extra pair of panties on. I just love the feel. About 2 am I woke up feeling this great sensation I had never felt before. My cousin had gotten into bed with me and was holding me with one hand and fondling me with the other. He kept it up until he felt me jerk a little then let go. I pretended to still be a sleep. As he left he kissed me on the neck and went back to bed. In the morning I stayed in bed until they left..I kept trying to catch that excitement again but it was gone.
femboy4u femboy4u 22-25 2 Responses May 2, 2011

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Oh yeah very hot. Indeed.

I'm sure you know,when your excited logical thinking does not exist. I would have liked him to do more then just rub.