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Very Arousing!

I get so excited when my guy does that.

 It makes me feel so good and get so hot that I just want him to rip them off of me after awhile 'cause I just can't take it anymore!

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It's nice to know that you enjoy this kind of teasing, foreplay. I enjoy doing this to my woman too.

M and him.both of you baby :)

I love it when A guy or girl touches me with my panties on to the point that I am going to *** in my panties. I like to return the favor by doing the same. It does not always lead to more but some times that is all it takes if you know what I mean!!!<br />
Smiles :)

Happy to fondle any panties, particularly if they start getting wet and even if they get pee'd through while I fondle. But then I will have to rip them off and take matters further.

the only thing better than being fondled through the panties that become soaked with excitment, is having them ripped open.

Can I follow your lead the next time I make love to my wife??

Love it - only thing better is licking a smooth ***** through a silky smooth pair of panties. mmmmm!

You aren't the only one. When my wife and I are driving late at night, she'll often reach over and rub my **** through my pants. She only does this to flirt and has never finished me off. Guess its a safety thing.

have your lover use latex gloves to fondle you, the heat generated by the 2 of u will drive u both crazy

I know the feeling. ;-)

OH MAH to the plasticPanties... But um yea... Its ohkai... but I love the main dish more...

Sounds really HOT . Ever try it in plastic panties ?

I have always love doing that to my girlfriends. Its so hot feeling that area getting warmer and damper :)