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Fondled Through Panties, And Under My Skirt...

I've been a long term male wearer of female panties, knickers, briefs and thongs; Well, why should it only be women who get to have underwear made of nice matterial?
I adore the feeling, as my man caresses my tight butt cheeks, through a lace, or satin pair of panties; this is one reason I now useually prefer to be wearing full coverage panties; which I now wear everyday under my useual male clothes.
I am not sure why, but there is definately something about the sensation, of being caressed through the panties fabric, which is above and beyond just being caressed on bare skin...

A new one we discovered quite recently though, was how much we both got turned on, when this caressing, both over my butt and my little clitty-**** and balls, through my panties, was taking place whilst I wore a new skirt I bought. I guess it added something extra, in a kind of 'naughtyness' sort of way, as he slid his hand, up my stocking covered legs, under the skirt, and up to my panties....
The problem, as useual, is wearing all these nice panties, and getting so turned on, one tends to make a bit of a mess in them... which of course is rather nice in its own way!
Mind, we were doing all this as part of a sort of 'role play' situation, in which we were being 'very naughty', as he, my 'Daddy', fondled his 'little girls' ****, clitty, and '*****' (or butt), through the panties, and under the skirt... which all added up to a loverly 'girly' *** for me, and he got rock hard, and needed to take advantage of both of my holes one after the other... I think I'd clal that a 'win win' situation for both of us... Needless to say, we're spending some time at the moment, investigating this dressing me up, more and more... If I can find the appropiate sized items, next time I'll not just have the school skirt, but a full girls school uniform on, whilst we do this..
eusarian eusarian 31-35, M 1 Response Mar 2, 2013

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Omg how great is that I love being all sexy in panties and women's cloths