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First Time Fondling a Girl Through Her Panties.

I can remember as if it happened yesterday, the first time I ever fondled a girl's panties.  I had been dating her for six or seven months.  I had been fondling and playing with her slips for some time, but I had never gone as far as trying to touch her panties.  She never hesitated in letting me play with her slips and I love the soft silky feel of them.

We were making out rather heavily one night, parked in one of our favorite spots and just enjoying being with each other.  I had my hand under her dress and was playing with her slip.  I just couldn't resist and moved my hand under her slip to explore.  This was during the era before pantyhose and she was wearing a garter belt and hose.  As soon as I reached the bare skin of her thigh, I thought I was going to pass out from excitement.  I never knew that anything could be as exciting.

I moved my hand higher and when I didn't encounter any resistance, I moved all the way to her panties.  She willingly parted her legs to give me access to her and I found the softest, silkiest material that I had ever touched in my life.  Not only was it soft, but it was also very moist. 

After that, anytime that we were together and by ourselves, I would always fondle her through her panties.

Of course, that eventually lead to the ultimate experience.

DeepStorm63 DeepStorm63 61-65, M 3 Responses Sep 11, 2009

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I know right where you are coming from. I enjoyed my experience of fondling my girlfriend in her panties, I always had a hard penis when ever I got next pretty nylon panties. I have always loved panties, and fondling her panties & touching her p... was the best ever. She would open her legs and I would go all the way up to her panties and I would start ma............. her until she *** in her panties. I would even buy her nylon panties & very sexy teddies to wear to bed at night my c..... was very hard for her. Our loving was the best ever.
Today I still wear her panties a lot & yes I do m......... in them, a lot. I love panties.

*** Girl: Mmmmm -- nylons, garter belt and light filmy see thru panties would be great ... maybe you would do pics for us? ... I'm a voyeur and sexy lingerie fan so I'm guessing that would get me more than a little excited :-)

If your boyfriend is normal, I'm quite sure that he would love to see you in nylons and a garter belt. I know that I would. I still love to see my girlfriend in nylons and a sexy garter belt.