My First Gay Ballet Experience

I used to take ballet lessons in a dance academy in France and for years I was the only boy in the academy. All the girls were really nice and lovely to me. They knew I was gay and a bit of a sissy and I shared their interests such as ballet, boys, fashion, make up. The school was run by an old lady who was a very demanding and strict teacher. The best time of the year in ballet was the end of year recital where we would wear our lovely costumes, glitter and makeup , I was really jealous of the girls sometimes because they would wear their pretty tutu but I still enjoyed wearing my white tunic and white ballet tights. I had very little friends at school and I got bullied a lot because I was taking ballet. Then a new boy started taking ballet classes with us. There was a small changing room for the male students and he introduced himself. As were started getting changed into our regulation ballet clothes which consisted of a white leotard, grey tighs and grey ballet shoes, I could not take my eyes off him.He was really handsome with dark hair and green eyes. As the started changing into his dance belt and tights, I was in heaven, ballet was going to be even for fun this year....We went into the ballet studio and all the girls were looking at him, giggling as girls do... I knew what the big question in the girls changing room would be , if the new boy was gay or not. He was a good dancer, stronger than I was, ideal for partnering while I was more graceful. Time went by and we started being friends mainy because we were both doing ballet and that he was nice. He did not seem to be interested in any of the ballet girls and I started wondering if he might be gay. One day after class, we went back to the changing room and he showed me an arabesque we were practising in class. I hold his leg to keep it straight and I started touching his bottom who felt so cute with his tights. I knew he was gay when he did not object and I put my lips against his lips and we started kissing. It was my second kiss with a boy and it was beautiful. I started pulling down his tights and started caressing his penis in his dance belt. His erection was huge and soon I ended up putting his **** in my mouth and started giving him a lovely blow job. He came in my mouth and we had a shower together holding hands and kissing.
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I just got a ladyboner. ;P

I think this is one of the most beautiful stories I've read.

what a great story!!

So sweet!!! I love that point when two people meet and know they are gay and want each other!!! It's so beautiful when we kiss and rub our penises together to get hard!!!

<p>Your stories are so well written!<br />

I agree, you write very well. tried to become friends but yur settings don't allow can we be friends?

being a gay sissy can have it's advantages can't it

I sometimes wonder if going to ballet classes was a factor in me being gay or if I wanted to learn ballet because I was gay.I do think that as a boy aged 10 being the only boy in a ballet class of over 20 girls and having no strong male activities encoraged my gay and more feminine side. I wore tights and a leotard and remember doing a very girly type of ballet in those first 2-3 years.

Sounds heavenly! Only wish I could've been there for a *********!