I Love ***** In Tights

I just get all girly looking at the lovely bulge in a guy's tights.

I just want to lay him down and pick up a leg and start kissing and caressing his toes and feet. I work my way to his calves and kiss them. I like to let my cheeks brush against his legs. I love the smell and feel of the nylon and lycra of his tights. I like to stroke the soft inner side of his thighs as I do so.

Working my way further up I begin to kiss and caress those thighs. My eyes are now fixed on that lovely bulge. Some how it seems bigger now than when I first saw it, and it still seems to be expanding inside the confinement of his tights!

Finally I reach the top of a thigh and slowly allow my mouth to travel towards his big bulging balls. They seem very swollen. So full of lovely ***!

I begin to lick and suck his balls through his tights and finally I move towards his massive, swollen ****! I let my tongue run over it, tracing every contour of his huge erection through the nylon and lycra of his tights. I start to let my lips take over, slowly kissing every inch of his giant love rod.

I look at the **** head through his tights and there is a tell tale stain of pre-*** marking his tights.

Slowly I take hold of the waist band of his tights and gently and very, very slowly inch them down, releasing his massive weapon. It jumps up to attention on release from it's lovely tights encasement.

I begin by gently kissing the hot purple head and then slowly allow my mouth to consume it. I let my tongue tickle the sensitive underside, and he groans with please as I do this. I then let my mouth work down the shaft and as the **** head pokes the back of my throat I grip the shaft with my mouth and begin to work my way back up, sucking hard all the time. I repeat this again and again.

Finally my reward. He thrusts his **** hard against the back of my throat and begins to jump around in my mouth, spewing his hot, salty love juice down my throat and filling my mouth. I keep sucking. I don
't let go until I've sucked every last drop out and only then do I release his limp, spent ****.

Like I say, I love ****!
ris9358 ris9358
56-60, T
Jan 8, 2013