Tights Are Friends Not Food

so once my gma and i were going tu da prk, and lyk she 8 my tights.. oof woop woop. so lyk den i went home and breathed a little bit and ate kookies n ****. but like idk ale noboa told me dat i was super cool so i believed hur...but no tru bcuz when i move to rhode island der was no tight store and i no buy tights for long time,...pero lyk watN!!>!!?!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!> ok well...............................no se me gusta salami mami eat my shart ha ahahahah im so gay!! perrks of being a tight!!! and a faagg!!!!! MARIPOSA LIBRE TILL THE DAY I DIE!!!
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Jan 19, 2013