I'm So Glad That I Am Not A Guy...


recently I've stopped being so darn practical about everything that I possess...I have unleashed my feminine side and am really loving it...

all of a sudden i feel the need for

accessories - soft scarves,





knee high socks,

and unashamedly so...still not so sure about the earrings...but don't worry xRocks I'll never be a high maintenance girl ;)
Isshe Isshe
36-40, F
5 Responses Jul 25, 2010

Oh so that is what makes us not girly! lol. Carelessness! Well in that case then, xRocks is much more girly than I am! LOL.<br />
<br />
Scratched CDs :/<br />
Broken laptop :/<br />
Lost is my middle name.....LOL

You mean I can't classify myself as girly yet...even with an attraction to all those things???<br />
<br />
What if I stopped being such a loud mouth at meetings and wore high heels? Would that make me girly???

lol I was just going to write 'you have my credit card, don't you?'<br />
<br />
but I'm not sure Isshe needs any more encouragement. She does girly in her EXISTING clothes very well...

Where's that note attached to money at the bottom of my bag???!

You do 'girly' so well too, Isshe!<br />
<br />
mmm. and skirts...