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Groped In An Adult Theater

When I was a young guy I started going to **** theaters where you go into booths to watch. I was in my early 20s and hadn't played with another man since I was a kid.

Once I was in this booth and started watching a movie of guys sucking each other. I was getting turned on so took out my **** to stroke it. These bothers had no doors but where made at an angle for privacy.

I stood up and let my pants drop as I stroked my ****. I didn't realize it but several me were standing at the entrance watching me. When I noticed I pulled up my pants and tried to leave.

As I walked through the men they began groping my crotch. I was very hory but kind of afraid of getting caught so put up a little resistance.

I was like the pretty girl at a frat party. The men were saying things like you know you want us to suck that **** and *** on don't that feel good.

One moved behind me and started rubbing my *** and telling me how nice it was. Was **** was rock hard. He actually got his hand int the back of my pants. My heart was racing and I was breathing hard.

Finally he slipped a finger into the crack of my *******. I stopped and spread my legs. He pushed it in further. I moaned and gasped. The men smiled and one said see you want to be our pretty little fagget don't you? At that another unzipped my pants. I heard someone coming and came back to earth. I zipped up pulled the mans hand out and all bet ran out.

That was my first reintroduction to man on man play as an adult.
Redlicious Redlicious 51-55, M 1 Response Dec 20, 2012

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very hot wanted to stay didn't you.

I did want to stay.