Great Train Ride

About 20 yrs ago I lived in Chicago. On weekends I'd ride the Ell (Train) down to a park that I jogged in. This day was a bit rainy and gloomy so the ell was very crowded. I was wearing a sweatsuit without underwear (love to jog that way!) It was standing room only wheb I got on and it got pretty packed just a few stops later. An older woman, about 40(I was around 25) was right in front of me. During the ride, we would sometimes bump into each other. I was starting to get hard from bumping into her *** and feeling how nice and firm it was. She must have felt my **** bunping her. We went through a tunnel and in the dark, she reached behind her and started feeling my **** through my sweats. I know she found that I wasn't wearing undies by how easily she could feel and grab my hardening ****. Then she slid her hand under my waistband and took hold of my bare ****! She startwd to stroke me right ther on the train! She was stroking me real good when she suddenly let go, it was her stop! She left me with a huge hardon and got off the train without looking back at me. Needless to say, I had a very 'hard' run that morning! :-D
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1 Response May 6, 2012

Wow, what a bold woman! Why didn't you follow her off the train to see if she wanted more?!