Most Women Love It

I have the habit of standing behind women in crowded places, either in a bus, a queue, a concert, a dance floor or even in a banking hall. My experience is that majority women like being groped. Whenever i want to grop, I first take time to check and stay behind a woman with a sexy butt. I then loosen my **** from my pant but keep it inside the trouser. I would first go to the bathroom and make my **** strong, then I fix a condom. Then I come out and keep behind a sexy woman. With my **** loose from the pant I move closer to thrush the butts... starting slowly. When I reaslize she enjoys it, I get more strong and push even harder.

One time in a crowded bus I was behind this woman. She really enjoyed to the extent that she also started to move her butts up and down, slowly by slowly. I got so strong that I focused my **** onthe curve of her butt. I had to bend a little low and holding my **** I focused just right on her **** that I could feel it. She really enjoyed this and even pushed her butt stronger against my **** with the tip of my **** just pushing her ***. After rubbing severally I released my loads on the condom. I was still strong so I continued to rub even after relasing my load. There was heavy traffic jam so we had all the time.

I again got stronger and stronger and continued rubbing, adding more preassure with my hand. She enjoyed it and I felt like she also climaxed when I heard her make a deep breath. Then she became shy and moved away.

Since that incident I have always groped strange women in crowded places and most of them have always enjoyed it. One time I was groping a woman in a crowded bus when a man squeezed himself between us. I realized that the woman felt dissapointed and changed position again that allowed me to reach her butt. I did my best and reached the butt and she continued to rub my **** until I released my loads. Sometimes when the crowed is so tight I push my hand infront of the women and squeeze my finger between their groins while rubbing the butt.

I have groped more than 100 women and to the best of my knowledge only 1 did not like it and shifted position immediately. All the other 99 women have always enjoyed it.
36-40, M
2 Responses Jun 7, 2012

i have also groped a thousand and one and only a few have not enjoyed it.It is great.I usually put on sweat trouser you know it make you feel as if you are naked and have it all.

I long to be groped in public. It used to happen more when I was younger and used public transportation more. I loved feeling strangers touch me.