Train Grope

I usually don't take the train, but I started a new school last year and so now i'll have to take the train every day for many more years to come. On the train it isn't just students like me, although there are alot, but there are teachers and random business people too. The trains are always REALLY crowded, as I found out on my first day of school. At my school we are required to wear a uniform, which I am fine with. I was wearing my plaid skirt, about knee length and a white blouse with a red tie. I also wore my favorite netted tights, I wore them practically every day and I still do. I got onto the train and was shoved into a really fat woman, no offense. I felt other people squishing me. The train doors closed and we were off. Almost immediately after the train doors closed, I felt a hand on my butt. not in it or anything, just resting on my skirt. I tensed up but then relaxed, it almost felt natural. It was then that I noticed there was a boy behind me, a little older then me, but he was wearing my school uniform. I felt the hand gently cupping my butt cheeks, then gently squeezing. I felt another hand on my breasts. He moved his hand under my shirt and under my bra. His hand was warm and felt pretty good when he squeezed my boobs. I felt his hand push away my bra and grope my boobs. I started pulling on my nipple. I winced, it hurt. I am not a shy person so i said, "Hey, you can touch me, but don't pull on anything." He kinda blushed and let go of my nipple. The hand on my butt lifted up my skirt to feel my netted tights and underwear. He pulled my panties down, they were a little wet. He started groping my butt through my netted tights, it felt really hot. He squeezed my butt cheeks together. Then he started slapping them and feeling them jiggle, then slapping them again. It felt soo sexy. Then he moved his hand and started tickling my, well, you know what. XD I felt like peeing my pants... or my netted tights, since that was all i was wearing on the bottom. ;) The train jolted to a stop and he clutched my boobs, the other hand's fingers went up into my butt. I let out a little yelp. It didn't hurt, i was just startled. People started leaving, I pulled up my skirt and grabbed my bags. Before I left I turned around and said, "Hurry up!" That's when I realiexed I had left my panties on the train. He came over and held them out with his wet fingers. I blushed and said thanks. We started chatting and stuff on the way to school. He thanked me for letting him grope me, I thanked him for the sensual experience. He is a grade above me, but we hung out alot. We are going steady now! :)
And for you inquisitive people out there, YES I AM STILL A VIRGIN, thank you very much!
Until next time people. XP
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omg wot a perfick way 2 meat a new bf! id be all jello if i dint alreddy have mine lol =)

Sexy!! Add me please

That was hot. I got excited reading the story.

id love for you to stroke my hard **** on a crowded train while i rub your stiff little **** until you *** mmmm

good story, add me please

Hot story. please add me so I can view your pictures and comment to you about them. Thanks and good luck in school!

Hot Story! Hmm! What train and where? Bet there will be a run on tickets!! X

Lucky guy! Where were you when I was in school?

how a hot story !!

thats one hellva train ride.

wow, nice experience, i have never had the courage to do that although often wished I had when I was younger. now I could be classed as a dirty old man, and wouldnt on the strength of that, although I get a huge hard on when in that situation. Enjoy your life honey, sounds like you are truly blessed.

great story, i loved iit

i have read this story a hundred times and i always ended cuming!!!

wow great story- glad you had fun with it and , now a couple . Fantastic... Good times...


Thank you for this story.Bassone

Very hot

Very nice story. I enjoy watching videos of Japanese girls on trains being groped. So innocent and sexy.

The virgin **** look.

Oops. I got censored there. Sorry. Didn't know it was that risque.

Thanks for trying!


Wow that's hot. I've been shoved up against hot girls on a train too. its always so tempting!

i would love to fel your bum x

Thanks again

Sandrabuttful: A kindred spirit! I post under "I Have Been groped in Public". But my experiences could just as easily be elated in this group. Maybe more so. I LOVE being groped. And more. Please read my stories and tell me what you think. I look forward to more of yours. I'm now a fan of yours. Add me to your cirled if you want. AloneandAdventurous<br />
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Adamtheone: oh believe it. This could just be the beginning.