On A Crowded Subway

I'm a politically correct guy. Very aware of gender issues, supportive of good causes and naturally sympathetic to the burden women have to face getting groped while traveling on crowded transportation. Of course, I believe women should not be subject to uninvited sexual harassment. I'm totally on board for all of that.

But, a few years ago I found myself packed into a rush-hour subway train. The train was so packed when it pulled into my station, that I was happy to just be able to squeeze on board. Never mind scoring a seat, there was no possibility of my stepping more than few feet away from the door. The best I could do was squeeze toward the pole nearest the door. Even then there was already a young woman at the pole on my side so all I could do was stand behind her and grab the pole over her head when I needed support. I was lucky that I had been standing nearby where the door opened so I was among the first in from my stop, and a whole crowd of folk squeezed in behind me. In the squeeze I got pushed right up against the young woman in front of me. The train took off and it was only as it started to move, and jiggle, and swerve that I realized that my **** was pushed right up against the *** of the girl. As I realized this, in a completely involuntary way, my **** started to get hard. I was panicked at first because I had absolutely no intention of harassing the young lady, but it then very quickly dawned on me that the girl was in fact pushing her *** up against my ****. It also occurred to me from her hair and body that she was Chinese. So there we were pressed body to body hundreds of people around us, when we started to share a very private moment. My **** grew and grew, she obviously loved it and would wiggle a bit, press, and massage my bulge with the crack of her ***. Because the train stayed packed for quite a while we shamelessly flirted that way with each other for a good 10 or 12 minutes, it was only after a few stops that the train emptied out and we had no excuse to stand there pressed against each other when there was now all sorts of empty space around us.

Reluctantly I stepped away. Luckily I had a backpack which I could hold up in front of me, a bit awkwardly, but anyway successfully hiding my raging hard-on. And then I blew it. The girl clearly had fun and was curious about having more. She had enjoyed it. I stepped in one direction away from the pole, and she could have very easily moved in any other direction but instead opted to move very close and right across from me. I knew I liked her body already, but now that we had space I got to see her from the front and it turned out she was very cute! She might as well printed out an invitation asking me to join her as she got out at her stop. But like an idiot, my head was still reeling from the unexpected bit of naughty excitement we shared. She got out first (at a stop near near Chinese neighborhood) and my stop came later. I really didn't have any reason to rush home. Just damned habit. So I let her step off the train into obscurity, as I traveled on back into my routine life. Oh well. The little naughtiness we shared was an unexpected gift and lots of fun.
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2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

I'm fairly amazed at how often this scenario seems to come up as both a fantasy and reality. It seems to be even more popular with women than men. I don't know what it is about the anonymity and forced proximity of big city public transportation that makes people horny, but the thought obviously turns a lot of people on. I think most people secretly wish for that random, no-strings contact more regularly than most of us might like to admit (back in the '70's they used to call it a "zipless ****"), but most people seem to need the seemingly innocent scenario of the crowded train to get past their own guilt to their true desire. I thought it was interesting you felt the need to give nearly 2 paragraphs of qualifiers as to how it happened for fear of people thinking you're a perv. Personally I'da been rubbing up on her on purpose given the chance.

I rode the train an hour both ways into the city for 10 years. Unfortunately it was rarely ever crowded enough to be pressed up against anyone (only on rare days of big events, games, or train system problems). I did see more than my fair share of downblouse cleavage, ******* flashes, tramp stamps peeking out from conservative business skirts, and even a drunken young couple going at it in a "closed" car one night. Was never lucky enough to be pressing my hard **** against the *** of some Asian hottie, so you had better luck than I did.

I hope I would have had the wherewithal to get off the train, but knowing how powerful the daily commute routine can become, it doesn't surprise me that it didn't occur to you until too late. Lesson learned!

First time this happened to me was back east with my cousin. We were doing to typical tourist stuff, so Staten Island Ferry and on the way back we got on a train that went through Wall Street at rush hour. Holy **** y'all got a lot of folk in NY! and about a million of them got on our car. Sardines gotta have more room in a can then that car and I was standing holdin on to one of those straps when some guy is pressed right up into my ***.

Welll, those trains really rock back and forth and within a stop I've got a very hard **** pushing my ***. Then he reached down and touched my ***, now I've got on a mini mini so we are talking bare *** and he found my wet slit in a minute.

Beth next to me sort of looks over but her eyes are all funny. Turned out her guy was ******* her. Grand Central came way too fast in my opinion.

But after that I was ready for more rush hour trains and singing I love NY!