I once let a strange man finger me on a crowded dance floor. He asked if I wearing a thong. I said that I didn't remember. He slightly raised my mini skirt and went to town. I actually went back to the club looking for him but I never saw him again.
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Mmm.... such a hot thing to experience.. I had something similar go further at a concert, you might enjoy the story :)

I once got ****** in the middle of a crowded night club. Most amazing **** ever with people all around us x

I have fantasies about having sex on a crowded dance floor.

How old were you then?
What were you wearing under your mini skirt?
He was afraid you were looking. For him for another reason and hid from you.

I had on a thong and I knew it. I just wanted to see what he was going to say. He didn't say anything but what he did was great. lol

Did he score a direct hit by going around your thong?

It was 5-7 years ago so I was in my early 40's and in my prime.

Sounds like you are still in your prime or getting closer.

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thats hot I would love to finger a strange woman and grope her! I love to be fodeled and groped myself as well!

It was amazing and I've been trying to have similar experiences but like the other girl said, nobody responds.

I would in a hart beat lol

It's rather difficult to know if a woman wants it or not... Very risky for the guy.