It's So Sensual And Intimate

When I am being held while I ********** i feel safe, protected and loved. I am sharing a private experience with my partner as he enjoys watching and knowing I am experiencing so much pleasure. He knows that I enjoy doing this for him because it is turning him on so much. It's knowing he is so turned on that makes this such an erotic experience. When he is holding me, kissing me, gently sucking and licking my nipples and telling me how much he loves me and how he wants me to feel good and ***, I feel incredibly close and it's one of the most intimate experiences I can have with him.
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love your experience i agree it can be a very erotic experience keep it

and then its time for your lover to build your fire higher, as he starts strokin his self while you watch, he tells you, this is yours baby, when you are ready just guide it in

Nice ! ;)

I think ************ in front in front of the opposite sex is very exciting. I did this in front of a friend and she enjoyed it a lot.

Times like this made for some amazing hot passion. There is something very intimate about ************ in front of someone and it's made even better when they do things to help you along.


That is one of life's greatest experiences. You have expressed it so well. Please consider adding us. EP deleted all of our stories, but still have albums.

34 responses...38 hearts as it Should be (= ....lots of nice stories or tidbits people not have the courtesy to click a heart on such warm thots~

So nice!!! Would you please add me...

interesting experience...I'm gonna find someone to hold...

I understand. While any time we ********** it feels great, to be able to do it with and in front of a partner greatly enhances the excitement, just as it does for my wife when she does it while I come on her face for her. She says when we time it so I come on her just as she is attaining her climax it creates an ****** twice as powerful as the way it normally feels. Love to lie next to her, naked, her leg over mine while we mutually **********, enjoying **** videos together. God I love this woman of mine!

Just let me know if you ever need any help. I give good hugs!

That is so so nice wonderful!!! Would you please add me...

same here my gf loves me to hold her tight

That is so sexy!

way to go :) cheers

Sensual lady!

wow...thats hot!

Sounds beautiful :)

would love to watch you and talk you through it all!

so intimate; it's beautiful!!! thanks

Need more help? I volunteer ;-)

I would love to hold you in my arms and watch you this way.....

I'm no longer with him. The cheating and lying broke me. I'm not the same person anymore.

Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you are still learning and growing.

Such a beautiful and erotic experience

Powerful image.

My wife loves to ********** for me while I'm doing the same kneeling beside her face. She loves it when we can come that way together and says feeling me coming on her face at the moment she brings herself off greatly enhances her *******. Mine, too! Love it. I asked my wife once which she prefers, me coming on her face while she masturbates or me ******* her. She thought about it for a moment and said she prefers it when I come on her face because it makes her "feel slutty and I love that feeling, and it also makes me feel special because I think a lot of women don't like men to come on them and when you come on me it makes me feel like I'm doing something many women won't." Works for us. Yours is a nice way to come as well. Beautifully written....

That would be amazing!

Holds close :-) XOXO

Close sharing like that is wonderful, nice and slow.

I have to agree. There is nothing better than ************ while a partner watches and you can rub them too.

i love watching a sexy woman **********, its a huge turn on for me !