Not Doing My Chores

My husband expects his home to be clean at all times. One day I decided to be lazy and not do the breakfast dishes.He comes home for lunch and notices that I havent done the dishes, which is a requirement of his. He ask me why the breakfast dishes were still sitting in the sink. I said, that I didnt feel like doing them. That was not the answer he was looking for. He says to me, you are to keep our home clean and neat. I replied, yes, but... No buts he said. You know the consequences for not following the rules.

He tells me to go get one of the chairs from our dinning room table and bring it into the living room and place it in the center of the room. I do as he ask and bring the chair in and place it in the center of our living room. He sits down and tells me to bend over his lap. I begin to feel weak,but do as i am instructed. He lifts my skirt to expose my bare bottom. He begins to rub my bottom and says that I will get a spanking for not doing my chores when they are suppost to be done. He raises his hand and I feel the sting of his hand on my bare bottom. I let a out a squeal and start to count my spankings as this is always a rule. I must count out each loving spanking he gives. This violiation requires me to recieve 30 spanks. If I miss one, then he will start over from 1.

After I am done recieving my punishment, he instructs me to get up and go do those dishes. I start to pull down my skirt and he says no, leave your skirt up so I can see that nice red bottom of yours. I go into the kitchen and do the dishes. When I am done he tells me to sit down at the table and gives me a piece of paper and a pen. I had to write 50 times, I will do my chores promptly. When I finished I brought the paper to my husband who was sitting on our couch. He takes the paper and lays it on the couch and tells me to bend over his lap again. He tells me to prop my head up with my hands, and to read the paper. He tells me to start with the number 1 and say the number and read I will do my chores promptly after that I must say thank you sir. He reaches for my hairbrush and tells me to begin. I begin to read the paper and with each swat the tears begin as my bottom is already sore from the 30 swats he gave me before.

When he is done, I sit on his lap and he says, do you know why I had to punish you. I answer, yes sir. I was disobedient and didnt do my chores as a good wife should. He gives me a kiss and heads back to work. The rest of the day I made sure my chores were completed and felt the pain in bottom that reminded me that the chores needed to be done.
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I brake rules on occasion but not doing my chores is the one rule I wont brake. I dont know what would happen and im not about to find out.

Did you makeup that night?

Sounds like you deserved it. My husband is the same way. If I don't do things the way I am supposed to when I'm supposed to then I get a spanking. It's a great relationship to have with your husband that increases the trust and love in your marriage.

My wife and i had a similar relationship before she died, but ours was both ways. One day, i came home early from work and she was in bed watching tv. I gave her 30 with the paddle. One day, she came home and i hadn't taken out the garbage and i got 30 with the switch. It kept us both on the straight and narrow.

Perhaps this is more for your husband, but if he wants to see you do the dishes and your bottom needs to be in sight, he should make you where a cute vintage apron :)<br />
<br />

Good story, keep up teaching the girls about how it relationships should look like.

Yes, I do have a very nice and tidy house. I respect my husbands decision on punishment when I am out of line or dont follow the rules of our agreement.

Your husband is strict. I wouldn't ever forget my chores. I get spanked too but only ever about 30 and only with his hand. I bet your house is proper tidy!!

My bottom was feeling very hot that It was very uncomfortable to sit for a few days.

Great story