Know>> Sometime Breastfeeding Boyfriend Stronging Bond. Is It True???

I(simom) am a 26 years old man and my girlfriend(jane) is 32 years old. We have been living together near 1 year. She has a little baby. So, she have to breastfeed her baby. But, jane has overmilk suplly problem. Before our relation she was pumping her breastmilk. After start relation it is changed. As a young man, I have great interest on Jane's boobs. Practically, her breast are huge and so hot. As remedy of her problem, jane apply my desire on her breast. She request me to drink her breastmilk. I accept it instantly. Then, she takes me on our bed and set me under her breast like a baby. She first breast out under her shirt and push her left-side milky breast into my mouth. I start sucking and feeling pressure of her big breast. Her suppling plenty milk first 20-22 minutes. Then supply slow down. For more milk I start sucking strongly and pulling her nipples. Onetime her breast become totally milkless and I stop sucking. Yes, then jane feel comfortble and i feel so happy. Later she decided, till now she breastfeed me just after her baby. For being depend on her breastmilk she adjust my diet and time. Before drink, I have not take any food for 3 hours. So, she breastfeed me i suck her breast like a thirsty baby and keep sucking last drop of milk. Right now jane breastfeed me 4-5 times everyday. WE BELIEVE, BREASTFEED STRONGING OUR BOND AND WANT TO CONTINUE IT.
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I liked to read the tru experiences who are in the anr journey