Is A Younger Boyfriend More Perfect Than Older???

My girlfriend is about 6 years older than me. She has a 22 months aged baby. We first met in a program nearly 5 months ago. Then we knew each other. She was living alone for 1 year and she looking a partner. I was also looking a good partner. She was so sexy. So,I proposed her to live together. She accepted it smilely. Our first night was memorable. Before having sex, She told me that last 1 year she have not sex. As a younger sex-partner like me she hopes get complete satisfaction. To do it,I wanted help from her and she assured me to help. Then we started. We kisse, embraced and striped dress each other. Then I strongly suck her huge boobs. milk was caming nicely. She was just sounding, "my baby, more suck, more, plz." As a young man, i sucked her breast more strongly, pulling and butting for a long time. We reached our excited-peak. Then we have sex. It took nearly 20 minutes. After that, she claimed it was her happiest moment ever. Next day morning she was breastfeeding her baby and baby asleeped then within short time. I needed to sucking her breast. She read my mind and said," come on my baby, enjoy it." then I enjoyed her breast my best. She claims a younger boyfriend is very perfect than olerd for a breastfeeding mom
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26-30, M
May 5, 2012