You know, milk maids were originally a for-hire position and women would go from place to place, staying where they were needed.  Her pay was usually no more than room and board and a chance to travel and meet new people.  It wasn't glamorous, but it was honest work. 

I like this idea. 

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I bet there could be a big place for milk maids / wet nurses in society today. I knew a woman with 3 kids who was heavily lactating moved to a big house in a popular holiday town with her husband and planned to open it as a guest house, but a guest house with a difference; she explained in detail how it would be just for single men who wanted breast milk and she would offer this as a service. Well, after she moved I lost contact, but I wonder if she did carry out her plan.

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And honest profession that's healthy and natural... something very hard to find. I'm possibly going to be put to work doing this as well for my Master to fund further training of me in the future.

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When I was in the Philippines you saw this alot in the villages, and they were not shy. So of course I would enjoy my walks thru the village!!

Yes, I like this idea too.