The Hidden Sexual Dynamics Of Sport, Humiliation And Doggie Part 1

I was visiting my uncle who lived in another country and I got a crush on this girl Michelle who had a boyfriend. He was a great swimmer, popular and extremely good looking, but also very arrogant and unlikeable. His name was Robert. I had been flirting with Michelle, but she was with him so nothing happened and I didn’t want to break them up. One day he saw me swimming (I suck) and really started making fun of me in front of her. So I told him right there that when summer came along I’d beat him and then **** his girlfriend. He obviously got angry and started walking towards with the intention of beating the **** out of me, but she stepped in and stopped the fight from happening. As she walked off dragging him along, I shouted that he should remember what I said, that I was going to **** her!

When I got back home I trained for 6 months. I trained really hard because I wanted to beat this idiot and most of all I wanted to **** his girl from behind. I wanted to hear her moans. The thought of taking her from him turned me on so much and was my only fantasy for 6 months. The day had come and everyone expected him to beat me and everyone else. He had won countless championships.

We got ready and the sound of the starting whistle filled the room that was heavy with the smell of chlorine .A few moments later and contest was over. I beat him. I had won. Everyone was awestruck. He was in shock. I taunted him. He was really angry, disappointed and upset. He had been swimming since he was 7 and I still beat him. He was humble enough to congratulate me even after I had taunted him, and had humiliated him quite a bit in front of his girlfriend, family, friends and even the local newspaper.

I looked at his sweet brunette girlfriend with her bikini on and I got hard. I knew I was going to **** her, but more than her body, more than the sex it was the thought of me ******* Robert girlfriend and humiliating him that turned me on. The pain he would feel, the anguish as I went in and out of her and made her mine.

He came up to me saying congrats etc. I said thanks and I told him to his face that I said I’d win and I had. Then I told him:” I also said I’d **** your girlfriend and I will. I’ll **** her tonight and come in her.” He was angry, but he just gave me a stern look and moved away without saying anything.
There was an end of season party at the local swimming club. Everyone was there. I flirted with his girlfriend all night. Even in front of him. I danced with her. Even Roberts’s friends liked me. They were congratulating me, giving me high five and saying I was the man. The girls, especially those who knew Robert and his friends were flirting with me like crazy. I was sitting in a group of Roberts friends, guys and hot (I mean hot) girls. Michelle was seated next to me. A girl asked:” So it looks like you can have any girl you want to tonight, who are you going to choose?” I smiled I looked at Michelle next to me and kissed her on the cheek. Everybody started laughing and cheering. The guys were going “yeaah yeaah!” And these were Roberts friends!

It was humiliating for Robert, who just kept making faces and looking pissed.
I flirted some more with Michelle. The girls (again Roberts friends and his friends girlfriends) kept saying things like: “Aaawe you are so cute together” and “you make a great couple”. All this was happening while Robert was within earshot. Many times throughout the night he kept trying to drag Michelle away from me and tried to dance and kiss her. No matter what he did she always ended up coming back. Robert had just pulled her away from me, but I grabbed her hand and led her to the dance floor. We got very close. Bumping and grinding. She wasn’t worried about looking like a **** since all her friend loved me.

I took her hand and lead her outside. The girls cheered going:” wooohuuu!” and some even clapping. Once outside I proceeded to kiss her. Robert came and saw us. He got angry and tried to punch me, but being an active fighter this was child’s play. I got him with a single punch. He was down and stayed down. By this point a few of Robert’s friends had heard the commotion and came outside. I helped him up and told him to go home. He nodded. He said:” Let’s go Michelle”. She moved for a second, but I held her arm. “No she is coming home with me tonight.”

He looked confused and after a pause gave a pleading look to his girlfriend. She didn’t respond at all. He looked at his friends, wanting them to intervene on his behalf and save him from the humiliation of having his girlfriend taken away from him and ****** by the guy who had beaten him earlier in the swim competition and now beaten him in a fight. He paused and looked at them, but they didn’t move an inch. He got a defeated look on his face, almost like he was going to cry. Looked over one more time at his Michelle and started walking home. I had taken everything from him, his status as a champion swimmer, his friends, his popularity and even his dignity by kicking his ***. Now I was going to take the thing most precocious to him. His Michelle. The thought of humiliating him so completely made me hard.
I kissed her. She kissed me back with incredible passion saying:” I’m going to **** you all night”. We kissed for a while and then she led me home.

What I didn’t know was that they lived together. He was lying in living room watching TV. We went through the living room and to the bedroom. He saw us and knew what was going to happen, but by now he had given up. I ****** her all night. She rode me like crazy making all kinds of sounds. Later we got up to get a snack, he had fallen asleep. His breathing was irregular, because he had been crying. I then proceeded to **** her from behind in the kitchen. He woke up because of our noise. When we walked back to her room, he was still crying. Trying to hide it. I told her to go in the room and Id’ be there. I made sure she had left. I wrestled him to the floor and hit him. I told him to do as I say. I brought him into the bedroom. I had him lie on the floor. He listened as we ****** all night.

Man I loved that! A week later I had to leave. The funny thing is they got back together. Or rather they never really broke up despite me doing her all week long. I became friends with all of Roberts’s friends (both guys and girls) and the guy’s girlfriends. I visited my uncle as often as I could after that. Because of what had happened I became like a Rock star in the town. All the girls wanted me. I ****** Michelle whenever I visited, Robert knew but just accepted it. I even slept with a lot of Robert female friends and also with the girlfriends of Robert’s friends who were now also my friends. The boyfriends knew but all except one just accepted it. It was like I had become the Alpha male with access to any women I wanted. The guys took it, the one who challenged me got humiliated in similar fashion with me doing his girlfriend. Even he bowed down to me. It was funny I was friends with them, but also doing their girlfriends and the guys still loved (don’t know what they said behind my back, but who cares?).

Michelle married Robert after she was done with college. She still flirts with me, but I don’t want to break up their marriage so I stay away, but I hope one day she gives birth to one of my kids and Robert (stupid boyfriend now husband) just takes it.
I may be an Alpha male, but I recognize the advice my best female friend told me:” At the end of the day women get to choose. The winner ***** the looser woman and the the looser gets to watch. Such is nature and it is beautiful.

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Man, i want to **** you now. Good job Chief.

Amazing- do you still take other guy's women?