Could Of Would Of Should Of


One of a few interesting experiences I had in a hot tub.

This event took place when I was in my early twenties and lived in a condo at the time.  I liked to go to the condo hot tub especially after a work out.  This night there was this very hot girl alone in the tub.  She was about my age.

She had a body to drool over.  I remember seeing her jogging the week before.  She had an awesome set of legs and a hour glass figure.  In the tub I could see that she had great skin.  Anyways, I got in the tub

It was just the two of us.  After maybe 5 minutes of conversation she sits up on the deck with just her legs dangling in the water.  Wow! she had a tiny bikini with a laced front.  She had undone it so I could see pretty much everything.  She told me she had waxed.  We continued talking but I was too much of a gentleman.  She continued leading me on.  I was just about to make a move when another guy came into the pool area.  She covered up and did not stay long after that.

I thought maybe she will be back tomorrow night?  Sure enough she was there.  Just her and me.  She sat up top again as if she was showing off her body for me. This time she was wearing another tiny yellow bikini and again it barely covered anything.  Conversation was going well and I was contemplating my move.  This time two security guys walked into the pool area.  I did not know them but they started talking to me and kept starring at her.  She got very uncomfortable and started to leave. I could not think of anything to stop her.

These two security guys just kept making immuture sexual comments which she could hear as she walked away.  I remember hoping that she did not think I knew them.  Crap I thought this timing sucks.  Then I thought they must have a camera around here somewhere.  Anyways, I kept going back to the tub but she never came again.

Could of, would of, should of. 

The hot tub has always been a very interesting place to meet people. Fortunately, I have met a few nice ladies in the tub since.

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