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German Sauna Surprise

First German sauna I saw I was with family, just walking through the pool and wet area.
I looked in window of door to the dry sauna and saw sitting there two guys totally naked and between them was this naked fraulein ...
Most amazing, neither of the guys had an erection ... which I had to hide as I walked on past with my family ... wow, i thought, I need to be in a sauna right away
Impulsive1 Impulsive1 26-30, M 1 Response May 17, 2011

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I used a German hotel sauna on a business trip once. It was mixed-gender, and in case there was any doubt as to etiquette, there was a German Frau who policed it, going inside the cabin to make sure everyone was naked, on a towel, and not being wicked. I wasn't being wicked, but being impressionable in those days, I was very aroused by the whole thing, not least the Frauleins with their legs wide open just inches from me.<br />
<br />
Another story from a business trip to the Nederlands. The hotel had a posh looking health suite which I decided to use one evening. It was all very quiet, huge, and plush. I was quite happily swimming up and down in the pool when someone yelled at me (in Dutch at first) that it was not allowed to wear clothing. It was rather a surprise and caused me not a little excitement to be made to ***** off like that. Not being able to read the notices, and not having seen anyone else using the facility I had not realised. Needless to say I enjoyed it all the more after that. <br />
<br />
These days I am a regular at the various establishments in Brighton, which is about as near to continental saunaing as you can get!