I Love Being In Love Because........

I love being in love..... I actually don't think that I have ever been in love. I've been in lust many times, I'm actually in lust right now....I think. The man that I am seeing at the moment is nine years older than me, we have a complicated relationship. I gave up my virginity to him. Why? because I was sick of being a virgin. I belive that to be a pretty rash reason to lose ones virginity ' I was sick of being a virgin'. When we slept together it wasn't good, as I would imagine all first times arent, he was not particulary gentle but he was careing. He did not actually belive me when I told him. I think that is because even though I had never had intercourse I was not particually 'virginal'. I've never had many boyfriends but Im in touch with my body and have always been incredibly sexual. I know that I do not love M, but I care for him in a way that is hard to describe. We are both craving something and I belive that our being together fills a void in both of us. It won't last long, but like in all encounters you take something away with you. It has taken me a long time to actually LOVE myself, but it's one of the things M has given to me...The ability to love ME, Inside and Out. So while I am not in love with M, I am in love with being loved by myself.
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2 Responses Mar 2, 2007

i hope you know that you're similar to me... love addict and your life needs a bit of fulfillment... no worries...at least we can trust that there are others like us in the world....

Well at least you got something positive out of it. Being happy starts with yourself.