Laundered Love

I was in a rush to get to where I was going...not really paying attention. It was Christmas Eve and I had called in our order to the only place open in our town at this hour on Christmas Eve. A little Chinese place located right next door to a 24 cheesy I was thinking as I pulled in. The Chinese resteraunts parking lot was the next open spot was at the laundry I pull in it.

I glance in the laundry mat and notice a couple...looks like they are hugging...I hurry up and undo my seatbelt...grab my wallet...and phone..Gotta have the phone ...turn the ceiling light off...and look I forgetting something.

As I was going to open the car door to get out...I look at the couple again in the window...

The couple hugging was actually a couple dancing in the laundry mat?. They look like a nice couple ..either heading to or from a holiday get together by the way they were dressed ...semi formal. ...they both had glasses of champagne or wine...and were smiling so lovingly towards one another...

I watched as he twirled her around...and she twirled laughing...and then snuggled into his arms as he embraced her...they took another sip of their glasses...and he kissed her forehead.

They glanced my way....I quickly looked away..embarrassed that I had ruined their moment.

I fumbled with the car door and managed to get it open and step out...I made sure I had myself together and started towards the chinese resteraunt...the laundry door opens...and the couple comes out ....smiling ...glasses in hand. I can't help but wonder the occasion...

Did they meet here the first time they met....or is this where he proposed?? Or were they out getting kinky in some shady lil spot to spice things up...well whatever the reason you could tell they were in in love.

As I walked past the women...she looks at me and says "Merry Christmas", I tell her Merry Christmas as well and go about my business.

I want that kind of love
DesIvy DesIvy
36-40, F
Jan 9, 2013