Just Us.

I don’t write very often, and i certainly dont normally write about him. It just feels really weird at the minute, we have been together for over three years now, he moved towns a year and a half ago, and i dont see him as much as i would like.. Lived with him over the past two weeks, and we had a very serious situation to deal with, we sat and spoke about everything, planned how things would have to change, spoke about living with eachother… and now i am back home, in my own bed, feeling strange and lonely, almost like i have a missing arm… I love him so much, i hope he knows this…♡
Sorry if this bored you… :)
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2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Things are better i suppose, the situation was sorted, however, theres now just people trying to ruin things for us, but we're strong enough to get through this, i hope. :)

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