Over the recent New Year period  I was camping at one of my favourite spots on the Murray River (see pics in album's) , it was just my girls and myself for the first couple of nights.

I'd lie in bed at night in my tent alone about 10meters from the magnificant Murray River in which I had just a skinny dip in, it was a full moon  the most beautiful reflection on the water, then in the distance you'd hear an owl or a cocky squawk.  To think I'm only ten minutes away from civilisation, as I drift off to sleep without fail the kookaburra's start promptly laughing at me at 5am waking me up for a new day in this paradise.

I really do live in a fabulous country. (just a dam shame my EP heart throb is not closer to enjoy with me).

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2 Responses Mar 1, 2010

very nice , try sleeping there in the daytime , no noise fresh air just great !!!

The landscapes here are unbelievable. You drive north, south or west from Sydney and find amazing places, unspoiled nature, breathtaking beaches and beautiful mountains. And you can drive around, camp or bushwalk without feeling any threat or danger. Australia may not be the place for lovers of high culture & the arts, but it's paradise for people who are into nature.