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I Love It So Much!!!

Except for the mosquitoes, being outside in the wilderness is the best thing to experience for everyone. It seems to just bring out a side of you that just can't be present in our relentless, media-filled nation where one is unaware of nature's benefits. I want to worship Mother Earth more than I would anything else and I always capitalize Earth because it is the most important concept in the world that we steward and maintain the Earth so that all life can live after we are done. I believe that my life has been saved by experiencing the wilderness that is only a little beyond my backyard. In fact, it feels like the reason I've missed out on my childhood so much was that I was not able to see the value of going out there because the backyard itself is such a boring place.
ResidentGoddessAstraea ResidentGoddessAstraea 18-21 1 Response Jun 13, 2012

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Yes, mosquitoes are about the only thing bad about being in the woods.