My World

To me,every person needs their space.I always find more than my share by being in the woods.Slowly walking,taking in the sights and sounds. Sometimes even going back in time to when I was a boy.I would spend the whole day in the woods.Being whatever my imagination told me I was.Making secret forts by old fallen trees.That no one knew about except a few friends,and of course mom.But mom knew everything.Having trails through out the woods was a must.Now,being in the woods it seems as if nature itself is drawing all the problems and worry out of you.Replacing it with fresh life and hope.The only thing that could make it better;Would be holding the hand of a woman walking alone beside me.Maybe that will be my world one day. Who knows,I might come across someones secret fort.


Waymor Waymor
51-55, M
2 Responses Jun 15, 2012

there is a place I go in the forest where there is a small waterfall and right next to it the trees are really tall next to the stream and kind of block the sun, small shafts of suns rays through the branches. A woody smell and beautifull ferns of different types. Pebbles are washed smooth and glisten with the water washing over them.<br />
It is such a tranquil place and I feel blessed to have found it.

you spoke to my heart. I love being in the woods just being alone with your thoughts free to dream and just be.