Can you smell the sweet aroma of freshly cut grass mixed with the perfume of beautiful flowers. Well I can. I loved the smell of honeysuckles on the vine. As a child, I would partake of the sweet nectar that they had to offer. Deep into the woods through the graveyard just before you reach the train tracks are the sweetest jucies blackberries I haveever had the pleasure of tasting.

We could travel farther into the woods and find a small water source. There we could go crawfish hunting with the nets that we fashioned with our own hand. The insects buzzed around us and bite us on our exposed skin.

I loved the lazy dog days of summer when I was child. It was at this time that time itself stood still and opened up a world of makebelieve to us children. It was playing in the woods that made me happy.
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Jul 12, 2012