Where Magic Is Found

I like to sneak off away from the world alone and my most favorite place is  exploring the hidden wooded areas in search of paradise. I live close to the Smoky Mountains where many places are protected by the national parks. It can feel almost like stepping back in time where the forest is natural, wild and untouched by man. It's these walks through the forest where I find the most magical surprises .. like a mushroom ring inspiring my imagination of little fairies dancing within it's protection. The sounds of the wind rustling through the trees can sound like soft whispers, when I listen close it seems like I hear whispers of hidden secrets to be discovered inside. Finding a bubbling creek full of life, I'll sit on rock in quiet to listen as the sounds take flight like music stirring happiness inside as I watch the tiny minnows swimming along the waters surface. Watching the birds in the trees as I listen to their songs, seeing a chipmunk scurry hunting for nuts. These simple treasures hold the power of magic, what I call peace on earth. Nothing compares to the healing power these treasures offer the heart. May you find your own magic forest waiting just for you to discover!!!!!   
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