Shadow In The Camp

I went with a group fron college up to cornwall for a campinh trip. Once there on the open grass i finally felt free. I took my shoes of whilst i set up the tent. The next morning my friends were terrified of me "whats wrong" well apparantly when all was quiet everyone heard scratching on inside of the tent door. Worried they opened the door and out i ran. Snarling eyes completely black as ebony, teeth barring. They called my name but i ran off to the top of a hill just outside the camp and i began howling. I dont remember what happened that night but everyone else does. It must be true from the people who told me what happened and the tent that was internerly shredded. My m8s still shake in fear when i mention the cping trip.
lexiwolf93 lexiwolf93
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 11, 2013

Wished that happened to me.

Wow was that scary for you or were you like excited?

Fantasitc "Bear It all" Camping story!