...but I Wonder What Is Watching Me?

I live in the middle of the woods on a game preserve.

I feed the squirrels, chipmunks, racoons and deer from my deck.

I love sitting outside at night, and hearing the frogs jumping into my pond, as they hunt and the fish as they splash up to catch a bug.

I enjoy the noises the woods make.

I always wonder what is watching me though, out there in the darkness.

They probably know my routine by now and know that I will not harm them.

It is so peaceful and relaxing.

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11 Responses Nov 2, 2009

wow....thts awesome...i live near river....i normally meditate there n also hangout wen am stressd out... its xo amaizin

Your so lucky to live so close to nature, some times In my home town, I get to visit nature and some times it visits me. No matter where you live, nature was there first, even in a big city. I too feed the squirrels, the birds and the odd rabbit that comes around. No matter how big my city gets, nature always seems to be here, we've had deer, moose, bears, cougars, fox, coyotes, wolves and more come visit, but their only doing what they've always done, we are the intruders, and depending on how you feel about nature, most love it. The people I don't understand are those that have the money and buy large parcels of land, then complain about nature encroaching on it, some with the shoot to kill mentality. We truly only rent our land, nature will always own it, and I for one still feel small in the large scope of nature, because we are also part of it, we've just lost our true nature, I think thats why we all feel like we are part of it, you know like its home, the power of nature will, I hope always flow through us, life is power and they say power can't be created or destroyed, just manipulated. So I think what you feel when your in the woods is the power of life, because it surrounds you, like your being watched, but don't be scared, it's just in our nature, we have not lost all of our inner nature yet.

I feel so blessed that there is a lot of wildlife around here. Deer, quail, coyotes, foxes, possums, ground squirrels, raccoons--there are even some beavers on a stream that goes right through town. The deer come right up on my patio. There is even an occasional timber wolf --quite a few mountain lions--a little west of here are bears--lots of bears.... I even saw a lynx once. We have some Elk too - I haven't seen them though. The sound of crickets and frogs- is about all you hear at night--in the distance sometimes, the songs of the coyotes. I am not comfortable in cities. There used to be a big owl that would sit on my car--the porch light shines there. I'd watch him out my bedroom window at night---that light must have helped him spot mice.

sounds so peaceful! Im jealous my friend!!

I do not live on a game preserve but I have a stream and a river close to my home. Deer and turkeys are not as common as they used to be but our nephews are motorcycle, 3-wheeler, and 4-wheeler crazy.

I am happy for you ZombieKitty, this sounds so peaceful and beautiful. Thank You for sharing your story.

Envy you , it sounds wonderful!

Sounds wonderful. I love Virgina, it is sooo beautiful their.<br />
Lucky girl

What state is this reserve in. How lucky are you and your other half. Sounds wonderful.

Thank God I'm a country boy.<br />
I just love all the wild animals on my property, encluding the barn owls.<br />
They can make all the noise they like, after all they where here before I deveoled this land. LOL

Sounds lovely Zombiekitty! Our acreage isn't in a preserve, but we are surrounded by more woods, and farmlands, only three neighbors within a mile. Gotta love it.<br />
I too wonder sometimes what might be out there in the dark, watching.<br />
We also have some noisy hoot owls. I love to hear them talking.