When I Was There

So this was back home for me, I was hiking through the woods. There was no one else around me, of course there were some deer, birds and other animals I probably couldn't see. Yet I can say that it was peaceful to be there, that fresh smell of pine due to the early dew that was everywhere. The sun was shining as it started to raise its self to up above. Hmm do you guys have a place that is peaceful to you?

Allanosky Allanosky
22-25, M
4 Responses Feb 27, 2010

See, that's good. Well hopefully you have other places that make you feel at home =p <br />
<br />
Well you can have others that think it's home which means your never truly alone =)

Of course =D Although some of my friends call it home aswell ^_^ They find it relaxing and a sort of escape, which is why i spend so much time in it =)

Gonna have to see, that one for myself ; P that is good because your room should be positive in energy for that is what we can call home...our rooms not yours dear =p except for you of course lol

My room ^_^ It has such a great energy in it. Puts me in a constant good mood =)