Nothing Better Than Womens Clothing

I dress everyday in womens clothing. Womens clothing is soft to the feel comfortable to wear and a confidence builder. My wife doesn't mind me dressing as a woman, but she largely lets me do this on my own. I get a high every morning as I get up thinking about what lingerie and top and bottom I want to wear that day. It is so invigorating that women have so many choices of what to wear. 98%of my wardrobe is womens clothing. Dressing in womens clothing makes ************ easier also. Being in the Nylon, satin, silk, or microfiber has no comparison. The sexy soft panty material will rub on your skin and increase the thrill. Try it you might like it.
serinalynn serinalynn
66-70, M
3 Responses Nov 28, 2012

I suspect it is because your wife sees that you obviously have a body like a woman and naturally would look best and feel most comfortable in clothes made for your female shape. Besides she know what best flatters a feminine figure such as yours

You are so lucky, my wife gets pissed when she catches me wearing stockings under my PJS. She doesen't say anything anymore about the panties. She was making me take them off when we went out, I even wear panties when I go to the Drs. I currently go to the V.A. I know the nurse saw my panties, she had me bend over so she could listen to my heart with the stepescope. She didn't say anything, but I can only immagine they have seen it all.

The nurse didn't say anything, because, medical personell have HIPPA rules that they must observe. I think most medical personell, at one time or another. have seen male patients in womens lingerie

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