What A Feeling

I have to say that I am envious of my wife. She gets to wear all the sexiest clothes and really make herself pretty. I must confess, when she is gone and its just me, I love to go through her drawers and closet. I will pick out some sexy thigh highs, a nice lacey.panty, usually white or black and get a matching bra. I will then apply makeup to myself while wearing these articles of clothing and of course im completely turned on.After finishing up with the make up I will find a nice classsy blouse and skirt or dress to put on. I will then put on a pair of high heels I secretly purchased for myself. i look at myself in the mirror then proceed to go on the computer and look at **** and *** pics while refusing to allow myself to **********. Usually I find someone to chat with .. send pics. I am usually so turned on just mere movements almost make me ***! I will fantasize about servicing a nice **** or ***** dressed like this. I cant stop fantasizing about this and want it more and more. I would submit and be the best slave pissible dressed as a woman loving **** and swallowing nice loads and it all starts when i put the first pantyhose on.
sdmbiguy sdmbiguy
41-45, M
Jan 22, 2013