Someone message me! I have nothing to do and I'm super bored.
Aishashishi Aishashishi
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 21, 2014

your age suggests you should be enjoying the outdoors, not just waiting for inbox notifications. What sort of messages would you like, a message from an old letch wanting to slap your bottom, perhaps a proposal of marriage from a mad mullah. You are inviting trouble. Try writing a short story about Inbox, maybe the best message you ever got. **Vitamin D is essential for your skin to breath. Get out amongst it girl.

I would be enjoying the outdoors if it would stop raining all day, everyday. I just wanted people my age to talk to me.

I think its sad that we are now reduced to a 'virtual' world. I have no answer. School?

It's not like I live on the internet. It's just that if I'm being forced to stay inside (due to the weather) I would rather actually talk to someone than play games or watch tv. It's summer vacation lol

facebook may be more age appropriate

What teen wants age appropriate ! lol

I'm not trying to sext, I'm trying to meet new people and possibly make a new friend

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