I Scream When I Get Licked Out.

There is nothing better than getting licked out, but I haven't had anyone do this to me since last year, and Oh God I miss it.  I just scream out loud when someone puts there tongue in my hole and tongue ***** me hard.  Start slowly, then build up until I wrap my legs around his (or her) head.  Nothing better!     

Sarah932 Sarah932
36-40, F
15 Responses Apr 19, 2010

Where r u from

Hmmm, I love being licked out hmmmm! Feels so good!!

How does bein licked out feel ?

I would love to lick you dry. I simply love to lick.

there is no better feeling than a woman wrapping her legs around my head and ******* as i eat her *****

I would lick your ***** for hours on end! I can't get enough ***** to lick and suck! xxx

hi sarah, id love to lick your moist ***** and erect clitty. love to pleasure you. xx

i totally agree.....best by far !!!

are i love to lick ***** its the best...

Love to lick your ***** and hear your scream

I'd love to lick you till you *** ... **** you till we both *** ... and then lick you some more!

More then happy to oblige you but I would need you to suck me out in return. Check my photos out to see what will be sliding down your throat.

I want to make you scream! Show me a woman who hasn't been eaten and I'll take her away from you.

I'v e come to the conclusion most men are stupid! <br />
<br />
I give thanks to all the men who won't lick a woman............. because those women LOVE it when I do!!!<br />
<br />
In my experience, woman can really let themselves go when being licked...because the focus is on their pleasure (even though I adore it too)

I love women who aren't afraid to be vocal (maybe I should start a new experience!)... Feedback is wunnerful.. :-) I wish I could be there to help take you round the world...