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I Scream When I Get Licked Out.

There is nothing better than getting licked out, but I haven't had anyone do this to me since last year, and Oh God I miss it.  I just scream out loud when someone puts there tongue in my hole and tongue ***** me hard.  Start slowly, then build up until I wrap my legs around his (or her) head.  Nothing better!     

Sarah932 Sarah932 36-40, F 19 Responses Apr 19, 2010

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Where r u from

Hmmm, I love being licked out hmmmm! Feels so good!!

How does bein licked out feel ?

I would love to lick you dry. I simply love to lick.

there is no better feeling than a woman wrapping her legs around my head and ******* as i eat her *****

I would lick your ***** for hours on end! I can't get enough ***** to lick and suck! xxx

It's such a powerful feeling licking a girl to ******... You have total control over her. If you are doing it right, she would rather sell her soul to the devil than have you stop doing what you are doing... :)

You hit the nail exactly on the head.
Just got licked out by a guy. His oral skill was simply superb..
Loved the way his tongue felt..
Still thinking of his tongue on me.. He was not handsome so no sex but craving his licking.. No sex still though haha..

hi sarah, id love to lick your moist ***** and erect clitty. love to pleasure you. xx

i totally by far !!!

are i love to lick ***** its the best...

Love to lick your ***** and hear your scream

I will look forward to doing this. x

I'd love to lick you till you *** ... **** you till we both *** ... and then lick you some more!

More then happy to oblige you but I would need you to suck me out in return. Check my photos out to see what will be sliding down your throat.

I want to make you scream! Show me a woman who hasn't been eaten and I'll take her away from you.

I'v e come to the conclusion most men are stupid! <br />
<br />
I give thanks to all the men who won't lick a woman............. because those women LOVE it when I do!!!<br />
<br />
In my experience, woman can really let themselves go when being licked...because the focus is on their pleasure (even though I adore it too)

I totally understand how you feel! Happened to me this last year - had a bf for 14 months who never licked me...

i like to li ck and suck a *****

I love women who aren't afraid to be vocal (maybe I should start a new experience!)... Feedback is wunnerful.. :-) I wish I could be there to help take you round the world...