Lifted And Carried By My Cousin Sister..

I always like to be carried by my cousin sister,,She loves carrying me on her hips since the time we were young.My cousin sister who is younger to me has beautiful hips..She has a curvy wide pelvic bone which pops out of her skin..When ever she lifts me she prefers carrying me sideways right on the hips.The moment she carries me on her hips say on her right hip she will first pull down her right hip a little by bending her right knee.once i am placed properly,,she will adjust herself a little then slightly lift her hip bone to see if i am placed properly say little on the top the bone,,once comfortable she will push her stomach little inside and thrust her broad pelvic bone up sideways to create a space to sit comfortably on her hips , it moves outward holding my entire body weight on her hips,,It feels like sitting on a edge of a very hard rock..Which causes erection in me.It pains sometimes because of her hard bone (edge of of hip),,but she would always make sure that it does not hurt me too much.. Once done then she looks at me in my eyes like her own child being carried around..she will walk around the house rocking me in her hips by making different hip movements,,she can move her hips inward ~outward,,in outward position up and down,,or simple up and down movement.she does it effortlessly so that i can feel her bone more evidently.She enjoys doing that with me..after say 15min,she would pull her hip down inward then bend her knees so that i can get down for a break..
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i also like my stories

and... what is your both weight's ? ;-)

I am 70Kg , she is 55Kg