Lift Up

This is definitely one of my weak spots! I love being lifted up. I like the feeling, being completely in someone elses strength. I'm kind of small so I guess I am easy to lift up too which helps. I like it more when I say "no, don't lift me!", but they do it anyway haha :)

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I witnessed a huge kid back when I was in school lifting a teacher during PE. He was only 14 at the time but very tall and heavy for his age. Much bigger than the teacher, any other females had this experience or similar?

Great story

........... being completely in someone elses strength, by being lifted up and carried, is my greatest desire, ever, anywhere, and any time... :-) Alas, it happens seldom...

There are a couple of really fat lads in our class (we're all 15) and I like it in PE when we do piggybacks or firemans lifts, watching the muscle boys lft the fatties up.

Yea so true. My boyfriend picked me up and carried me into another room and it was so fun! I love thinking about it.

Yes!!! (on last sentence) Too bad it can't be done virtually :-D ... I'm reminded of when my big fat brother said "I bet you can't pick me up", and this tiny little girl who he later dated exclaimed "Stand up! Turn around!" and I'll be damned if she didn't get him several inches off the ground :-D ... I always wanted to pick up my ex, but she refused to ever let me :-(