My Chaste Weekend Part 2 Saturday

Waking with a hard-on while being restrained by my CB had me hurting. It seemed my morning wood just would not stop. Lying there I could feel cramping, causing my wood to soften, I squeezed my anal plug to hold it.

  Thirsty, I look around at the doggy dishes, the only food and water I can reach due to the leash and restraints. Feeling humiliated, I resist eating, but glance at the paper in the corner knowing I'm going to have to use it soon.

  Hearing heels, I see my wife (T) coming to the kitchen. Looking at her, I see she had last nights bright pink lipstick, nail polish and eyeliner. As always looking gorgeous with her long hair, she strutted in naked. Stroking my *** she said, "How's my puppy? Do you need to go?"
  Rubbing against her, I tried to plead with my eyes. An evil chuckle comes from her lips, "You have to eat finish eating first", as she seats herself spread on a kitchen chair. With the restraints only allowing me to move on all fours, I walk over and bury my head in her *****. Cramping, I KNOW I have to do my best before I can't hold it further. Moaning and gasping she rubs my head, as she ****.

  As she comes down, she looks at me and says, "Puppy hasn't even started to eat". With a confused look on my face she points at the doggy dishes. Oatmeal from last night and water, and at least 2 quarts of each. Laughing she says,"Until you're done, inside you stay". Between the cramping and how much I hate oatmeal, she knows I'm stuck.

  Bending my head down I try to eat the oatmeal. Oatmeal at the best of times tastes bad, cold unflavored oatmeal from last night left a bad taste in my mouth. Lapping at the water I tried to rinse the oatmeal from my mouth. By the time the oatmeal was half done, the water was all gone. SMACK, my Wife T slaps my ***, "faster if you don't want to be left inside today". Lapping, I finally finish the dish.

  Grabbing her long coat, she unlocks the leash from the table and starts walking me out the door. Leading me to the back of the yard, she slaps my *** before tugging on my plug and saying, "Puppy, ready to go?". Working the plug out then in she teases me, a final tug pulls the plug out and I let go, ******* on my leg and leaving a warm pile. CLICK goes a camera. Thank goodness she insisted I have a lite meal, and mostly liquids.

  Pulling me along she leads me to the barbeque anchor in the middle of the yard, locking me to the ring set in concrete. Pulling something out of her pocket, she puts a blindfold on me. She mentions she's going to be doing some gardening.  Hearing noise, I listen trying to guess what was happening.
  COLD, **** THAT'S COLD!!! I feel ice cold water spraying my ***, and hosing me down. "ROLL OVER", she says. Unable to resist responding to get away, I roll over. AAAHHHH!!!! The cold spray hitting my balls. Shivering, I curl into a ball.. T tells me she's done washing me, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK goes the camera again.  Hearing T, "When I come back I want you on all fours", heels clicking as she walks away.

  Staying on all fours I wait, and hear her coming and going, somethings hitting the table. Feeling something cold and slimy pushing against my *******, "RELAX", she says. Working it in and out, I feel her switch to a larger plug. SMACK, SMACK she starts spanking my ***. "RELAX", she repeats, as she pulls it out and pushes a bigger one in. "STAY", I hear her say, as I hear her walk into the house.

  Fortunately, the day isn't too hot.  Hearing the door open, I get back up on all fours.  I feel her hands rubbing my ***, and teasing the plug. Her soft hands run down and start playing with my balls. Groaning, I feel her slap my ***. Straddling my ***, I feel her skirt clad *** rubbing on my backside. I feel her left hand grab a fist full of my hair, while I feel her writing on my shoulders. Leaning forward I feel her bikini clad **** on my back as she caresses my chest.  Climbing off of my back, she continues to rub my *** and balls, chuckling as she hears me groaning from the pain of my hard on, in the CB.  In agony, I hear her dragging the lounge chair closer.

Again I feel her grabbing my hair, pulling me closer, I can smell her. Freshly shaved, and smelling of raspberries, pulling me to her *****. With the skirt over my head, she moves me to her *****, her scent flooding my senses. While licking her, I find she's removed her little diamond tuft above her *****, tasting her she's definitely wound up. Coming quickly, I bring her to two *******.

  She stands up, I her her pickup something from the table. I hear a bottle click open, then feel her tugging the plug from my ***. Now I feel her pushing into my ***, feeling her hips slapping my ***, pumping back and forth. At this point it didn't take long before I could feel me dripping, reaching around she played with my balls. After a  prostate ******, she stopped, and replaced the strap on with the plug.

  Pushing me onto my side, I could hear her walking away. Laying there, I imagined the scene we would have made.  Falling asleep, I woke up to T grabbing my hair, "I see you were busy while I was gone".   WHAT!!! screamed through my head, hearing a camera clicking, I hear my wife taking pictures.  While holding my head she pulls me to her *****, I smell vanilla and feel her tuft tickling my nose.  She's not kidding, someone else was here. Who could it have been?

  Unlocking me, I could feel her pulling me towards the house.  Inside she removed the blindfold and locked me to the kitchen table again.  Telling me to lie down on my blanket, she walks over to the stove and begins cooking.  Smelling steak cooking, I couldn't wait to eat.  Walking over to the doggy dishes she started to fill a dish.  Looking at me she says, "If you finish this, before I finish eating you'll get some steak".  Regretting that tone, I hurried over to the dish. PLAIN OATMEAL, oh god, no water either.  Trying, I forced it down, looking over I see T still eating. Rubbing against her, she looks over and sees I've finished the oatmeal.  Getting up she walks to the stove, and pours diced steak and gravy into one dish, water into the other. "Enjoy, and if you need to go out you can call me with your doggie toys.", she says as she walks out of the kitchen.

  Looking at the clock on the microwave, 6:25 in the evening.  Lying on the blanket, I laid down remembering this afternoon.  Who could it have been?  How did she know what to do?  Would she ever come back? Does T know who it was?  Why wasn't she jealous?

  Thinking back, bald and strawberry scented, how did I not know it wasn't T?  What did she write on my back?  Falling asleep I had all these things running through my head.  Around 10 at night, I woke up having to pee.  Grabbing a doggie toy, I began chewing on it, hoping T was still up.  Thankfully T was still up, and came to lead me to the yard.   Again out to the anchor, she told me to stop and hold it.
  Pulling the plug from my ***, she started to sink the strap-on into my ***.   Pumping my ***, she pulled on my hair.   Releasing my hair, she reached around and squeezed my balls.  ******* myself, she pulled out and I **** myself too.  Lying on the ground, T walked away.

   **** I screamed to myself, as T hosed my with the garden hose. Telling me to get up on all fours, she continued to hose me off.   After this, she unlocked me and led me back to the kitchen.  Locking me again to the table, before leaving she refilled my dish with COLD oatmeal from the stove.

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Loved the stories, parts 1&2. Had my CB stressed.