A Long Road


Written on March 17th, 2012

In the Late 60s I was working as a Lifeguard and I didn't have a date for a dance. I went and was watching to see who came alone. It was already getting dark and I saw a white outfit coming up the hill from the parking lot. When she got close enough I realized that I had met her last summer while water skiing with a friend. I started talking to her and she went to the dance with me. I fell in love with her that night.  That was May 31  and we were married in September that same year(1969). 

She turned out to be the rock of the family.  While I was still growing up she stayed with me and loved  me thru the stupid phase of life.  She was a wonderful mother to our kids and helped me to be a better father by making me aware of when I needed to show more love to them.

She has changed her weight several times over the years and I discovered that I loved her no matter if she was skinny or plump.  She has always been a very good looking woman and sometimes she would have guys at work that wouldn't respect her boundaries.  When that happened she would tell me to have a talk with them.  I was always proud that other men thought she was good looking but as her Husband I could not allow anyone to disrespect her.  I never had to do anything but let them know how much I loved her and I would die protecting her.  The fact that I was not small helped(6'4" 240 lbs)

I have been blessed by getting to take Her with me while I travel for my work.  We have seen a lot of America from a Pickup truck and I have noticed that truck drivers will some times try to match my speed when I pass.  I guess she still turns heads at 59.
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great story

Lovely story, always great to see a happy couple truly in love!