Ugh! Yes!!

Yes i love being me, and it is and will be when i stop comparing myself to others :)

I love to watch Monk serial.. last weekend i just saw an episode with Monk and his "rival" from the therapy session, Harrod, finally found out each other as actually the same type of person who suffered from sibling rivalry.. hehe.. the same with me then... though back when i was a kid i got no sibling until i was 5 years old.. so, for the first time it was my cousin Mike whose age some months younger than me who became my first rival lol

I was thin, she was bigger and with lighter skin... mom found it difficult to make me eat, Mike was quick in having her meals... Mike was better than me in some of games... she got along with others easier, i was a grumpy little girl lol

But, yes i was learning and am learning in time... i am happy now with myself, though doesn't mean that bitter root stops to bother me in some occasions... it's just, as soon as i find out or realize, i will understand all over again and learn to accept everyone is unique and me too, and that stop comparing myself will put me into eternal joy! 

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hehe yes.. i remember the moments when i was a kid and me and my cousin laughed at things to adult not funny at all :)

hhehe yes that's why i put it here :)<br />
children's laughter is soooo sincere ^^,

Cute photo. :-)