Me And My Ex- Best Friend

me and my best friend have been closed for only one whole semester. but we do get that bonding pretty fast thou but that's what we are. best friend :)
his gf was my ex-housemate, but she didn't seems so have a jealousy problems as she knows how am i. so as the semester goes by, me and my best friend love to bullying new kids, just for fun and nobody was injured for sure. we love to share things together, by means our thoughts and our believes. we even share food sometimes and we do punching each others. we took the same class for that semester. then, when we get to closed, many were jealous or envied us. so gossiping was flying from mouth to mouth but when people ask we just said that we are just friend. for the mouth that smells like garbage, the gossiping had almost torn us apart but we make things clear and it does make us grows stronger together. he is a person who hate people talking behind him, when he knew the person talk behind him, he will give that person a hard time until the truth is told and clear his name. and sometimes he back me up too.

the semester we were having that sem is quite fast, so we had tight deadlines, presentation, paper work and things, so we get tension between us. that was the que for our relationship will torn apart someday. as the sem getting nearer to final exam, we didnt talk much, not even punching and im getting lost thinking what did i do that makes him away from me. i kept asking him, he said i already knows. so i just let go, and focus on my final exam, thinking that it will get better soon and we will laughing again.

well, my prediction was out of the line. one night, he text me, cursing me. i replied asking him what did i do. i said ' as a friend i need to know what i tell me' . but he wont, he just punished me. i tried to get his forgiveness but he wont accept it and gave me more cursing.

so i ask my girl friend, what i did that making him so mad. and one of my girl friend knew what was it, and she ask me nicely " do you tell people that he had affection/like you?" i was so damn shocked when the word 'like' was came out of my friend word. i denied it of cause cuz it was a lie. why would i like him? i mean i do like him because he is nice to me but not "like like-like" . i tried to guess who were making stories that make me and my ex best friend torn apart. then i get it. it was his gf.

from that day, he still cursing me. and me too. i was so mad with his gf, but i didn't tell, i just kept in.maybe someday i will be punching her face. who knows. because his gf did make stories too about my girl friend. we did talk about it, discussing nicely, but the whole time, she denied it.but her bf ( my ex-best friend) told us everything about her. well, now me and my best friend had become ex-best friend. i hope nothing more, just that he will realized it wasn't my mistakes and i did not make those stories.

i used to missed my ex-best friend, but i dont now. i hate him alot!

zeeann zeeann
Sep 18, 2011