Me And My Freshie New Friend

Can I tell you a new story? About me and junior freshmen year. Well it's happens one hectic day one the 1st week of new sem. Me and my friend were at this computer lab to add and drop subject for this sem but that day was hectic as all people seems to be there for the same reasons like us. So i found a spot for me and my friend so i just sat there. But the seat was taken but the person is not there so I just sat. After that me and my friend discussing about the subject that we want to take and drop then i caught someone was asking " excuse me?". It was the owner of the place that i sat. So i stud up and say, "sorry sorry" then she said "its okay, you can sit there. Can I ask you something, where can i take the printed schedule that i've print?" then I gave her the directions while my friend just add some bits to make it more clearer. After she left, my friend give this satire smile.

So today, i was waiting for my friend to pick me up cause we are going to buy books for the semester. I was waiting my friend, she came to me again, and say " Can i ask for help?" then i replied with smile " Yes, sure" She was asking me for a car sticker for the hostel. So I gave her guide to get the sticker both ways. And we exchange numbers and kept in touch. In fact she was thankful that a senior would help her.
zeeann zeeann
Sep 28, 2011