i appreciate my own company. i always have but ive been lonely too. now im making a bit of effort because ive left myself alone or in someone elses hands for too long. its weird how it can be that way especially if you dont know yourself. it takes a bit of effort. you cant just take yourself for granted. you have to be kinder to yourself than anyone else and its difficult. i try to assure myself at least once a day that i am okay and i will be okay just as long as i dont try and fool myself.

when i fool myself i fall pretty hard when i find out. i get angry at myself and i wont even talk to myself for some time. when i am honest with myself i feel at peace and i need that feeling.

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1 Response Aug 16, 2014

when one has known aloneness then relating and relationship can flower into something beauriful

thanks sinathamby, i believe that