Shopping With An Erection

One of the dares we liked when doing our naked shopping in the shopping centers of Cap d'Agde was to leave from the apartment or hotel room with a full blown erection (some oral stimulation will do) and see how long it remained hard when walking to the shops. It is always exciting to walk with an erect penis without paying attention to it. Of course the erection gradually disappears but this excitement does help to maintain it somewhat longer. In Cap d'Agde, nobody really cares about such a 'problem', you may have become aroused by something and all men are different in the way they react. Still, after the erection is gone, your penis will be for quite some time bigger than usual and many cashiers have quick look at you, some smiling. Don't think you have continously erections when staying nude all day, after some time you forget about it and are just naked and barefoot.
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7 Responses Feb 14, 2012

Im naked very often in public and I love to go to the mall with a full erection and wave it to the girls, but I have to stroke it all the time to make it stay hard.

Interesting observation and very true

I remember having an erection once after drinking coffee in Cap d'Agde and entering the grocery shop. It was just smiles all around and even a little squeeze from an elderly lady. I still laugh at this. John

Enjoy your thoughtful, well written stories. Hope there will be more.

I remember my first public nude experience. On a nude only island in Jamaica, I was erect before arriving and after hours there my erection remained. There, most the men were as you say, erections gone, but mine remained. I was the center of attention, invoking unspoken jealously from the men, yet interest and intrique from the women. Surrounding my naked erection in the pool were the sexiest women I'll ever remember assembled in a nudist event. I'd love to re-live that experience yet again.

Ha, only after reading your story I realize that I'm destined to become a cashier at a nudist resort :D

You may be not too serious about that but indeed the job seems to be attractive to girls! We found a story on EP about this same place, in the group: I Have Worked At A Nudist Colony, by Aura89, a local girl from that region, who founded the group and wrote 3 stories about her experiences.
Non-nudist often use the strange word "colony' for textile-free resorts. The girl appeared to quite erotically motivated for her job, obviously not all are like that but all of them look at penises all day. Personnel is nearly always clothed, sometimes a little skimpy or seethrough without underwear, rarely topless. There are male workers too and my wife told see got a lot of attention for her hairless *****...

I am surprised there isn't a picture of that in your collection. Maybe next time out?

You're right, we realized there is no picture of hubby with an erection in the profile, we've added one! Not from the shopping trip described here, we didn't take pictures then.