After The Party Is Over No1

The time I will tell you of was after a party that I had been to. Almost everyone had gone home. But the host and two of her friends and me were still drinking. I was flirting with of the host's friends. We went to the bedroom and after we had both striped off and started with the foreplay, the host and the other woman came into the bedroom. As we had all been drinking I never take any notice. I was aware of them watching us. By how I as on my back on the bed with the woman on top and my pick was deep inside of her. As the woman was now ******* me so hard, I could feel my legs being parted by one or both of the woman. With my legs now apart just enough so that one or both of the other two woman could play with my balls. That felt so good. But just as I was about to cun my balls were squeezed so hard and the pain was like something I had never felt before. However I also have the best ****** that I had ever had up to that point in my live. I can not remember very ******* as much as I did that time. Anyway the host how also wished me to **** her. But I guess you know that most men it takes sometime to become hard again. the host did not wish to wait so she got the two woman to hold my legs apart and she started hitting and squeezing me balls, I will never the pain, and I may have even pasted out but I also got so very hard. As I was how so hard she stopped hitting and squeezing my balls and got on top of my. And then she ****** me so hard but the other woman were now just squeezing my ball, the hitting had stopped. The squeezing was not very hard, more like they were playing with them. But they must have known when I was about to ***, as just as I was about to *** they squeezed again so hard and again the ****** was so good. My balls were now feeling so very bruised. I was hoping that the other woman was not going to went the same, and things were looking like she did not. But then she put her womanhood over my face and told me to start working on her ****. So now I am on my back on the bed a **** in my mouth and my balls being played with and I know that as she was about to *** or when I was about to *** that my balls were going to get hit or squeezed again. On the plus side my ***** was in someone's mouth.

The pain can be such a turn on if it done in the right way. And a good time was had by all 4 of us. Its hard to find a woman that will do things like that. The above happed some 20years ago and its been all that time since I last did anything like that. The above happed when I was in the UK but am now in Ireland however have been talking to a woman back in the UK and she says she will do anything...we well see.. watch this space..
oralkiss oralkiss
56-60, M
Dec 14, 2012