Washing My Car Naked

I have many times in the past been outback in my big yard washing and waxing my car naked. Being naked outdoors on hot days, is best, I don't like sweaty soggy clothes, I stay cooler and when I feel hot I just spray myself with the hose and keep polishing the car! My nieghbors know about me and they are cool about it, they have not joined me yet. The sun, wind and shade feel better outside naked, I go hiking naked also, but that is another story.
Bareboater Bareboater
2 Responses Aug 1, 2010

Great experience and I find I can get the job done naked much faster. It just makes
boring jobs go so much quicker.

"Bareboater" - I wonder if you also engage in nude boating too? Canoeing/kayaking? I do every chance I get - see a story of mine over on the "Like being naked on my boat" group...