I Have The Need To See Myself In Big Mirrors.

lly a story, more of a strange need to feel my self naked and feeling good. That may not sound that unusual but I have always loved taking off my clothes and turning myself on by occasionally watching my **** bouncing free as I walk. I was always waiting to be on my own and then make myself feel sexuality and all manner of feelings that I learnt to make me love my body, and especially my ****, balls and my bum. I studied myself for years and I first started to get excited doing this when I was only a 7, maybe 8 year old lad. I am not ssure what started me off doing this but even at that early age I would walk around the big house me and my family grew up in. I think the danger of someone unexpectedly coming home and catching me was the reason. Although I would have been in deep trouble if I was caught. It wasnt that I was a great looking kid. I was quite skinny but walking in and out of the rooms were normally all my family would be sitting felt so wicked in a nice way. I am not sure whether I wanked off at that age. I dont think I knew about the beautiful first orgazmic sensations that I was yet to discover.

Anyway, I still love it and I would feel the same air of excitment when I knew I was going to be alone for awhile. I eventually used various recreational drugs like most people in the 80`s but quickly discovered that certain drugs would make me feel intensely sensitive to the touch. I could send myself to a world of my own were only I had the power to awaken my body to these fantastic and effective strokes, touches and use my fingers like nobody else could ever know. It sounds like I must be slightly eccentric at the very least and the mention of drugs being used is not meant to give you the impression that I was falling about in a stupor. Far from it. Speed when used sensibley would turn my whole body to over drive and I only need touch my scrotum so gently it made me breathe slightly quicker. The reason for the speed was two-fold. Firstly it did give ************ a whole new meaning and you could hardly ever *** to a climax because erections would be barely a semi but it made every slight touch so good. If you did manage to get an erection you would have to **** it through and it would be all over in minutes.

If you dont agree with taking drugs albeit in a harmless way then you should reconsider and at least try it bfore you discard it. I have been in a world were drugs are a way of life and that teaches you to make drugs your pleasure not your fate.  

I have always taught the girlfriends how to get the most out of their bodies and I have had some grateful women who just thought sex was a quick in and out affair. When it is so much more if you know where to feel.  

51-55, M
Mar 7, 2010